Redefining Rhema


You are a conduit for God’s freshly-spoken word! God’s words create God’s world.

In the beginning, God spoke and created life! This same God is still speaking today, and his Word is just as powerful. As believers, you were created to receive and release these freshly-spoken God words into the world. This kind of timely, faith infused word from God is called Rhema.

Speaking a faith-infused utterance from God unleashes Divine purposes. These powerful revelations are expected as you continue to recognize God’s voice and share His words.

Ed Delph and David Lake challenge you to upgrade your understanding and application of Rhema. First, learn to discern God’s will by receiving His words and understanding His purposes. Then, speak His message with clarity and conviction—declaring fresh messages from God for yourself and others.

Redefining Rhema will…

  • Equip you to recognize and utilize spoken words from God that are personal or corporate.
  • Position you to be a hearer first and a speaker second.
  • Empower you with wisdom in releasing God’s voice on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Watch God unleash His mighty word into your world today!

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Want to live life on a higher plane than you ever thought possible? Want to grow the church? Want to be like the Sons of Issachar who knew the signs of the times and what to do about it? Want to be ahead of trends rather than behind them? Want to move from dream to done? Want to have favor with God and man?

Then Redefining Rhema is for you. Learn to think the way God thinks. Learn to say what God’s says. After all, God’s word created God’s worlds.

Redefining Rhema is a Rhema on Rhema!

Get on the God’s frequency. Frequent-Seeing Comes from Frequent Hearing. Allow the Word to speak to you a word before you speak a word. Illumination then communication. Discover the two swords of the Lord…Logos and Rhema. Logos and Rhema are Greek words for Word. Both Logos and Rhema are swords: Hebrews 4:12 and Ephesians 6:17 respectively. They operate and cooperate to establish God purposes and will on earth as it is in heaven.

In today’s world, clarity is a rarity. The purpose of Redefining Rhema is to redefine rhema and clarify Rhema:

  1. Why Rhema?
  2. What is Rhema?
  3. How does Rhema operate?
  4. How can I know it’s Rhema?

Redefining Rhema will transport you from seeing Rhema like a tree to seeing Rhema clearly and accurately.

Rhema is used seventy times in the New Testament. Jesus says the bread man lives by is every word (Rhema) that proceeds from the mouth of God. Logos is what God thinks, what He has said, and truth. Rhema is a faith infused utterance from God speaking currently to the recipient providing illumination, clarity, understanding, direction or guidance. For example, Logos is God’s general thoughts and wisdom on marriage. Rhema is God speaking directly on who to marry.

Interested? Want more? Get Redefining RhemaResponding to God’s Voice/Establishing His Purposes on Earth.

Destiny Image is the publisher. The Redefining Rhema will be released in July 2017. Lance Wallnau wrote the foreword for the book. Randy Clark and many others have endorsed the book. Ed Delph writes on Rhema from an apostolic perspective. Dave Lake writes on Rhema from a prophetic perspective. This way, you the reader, will receive a fuller, clearer understanding of the second sword of the Lord called Rhema. Get the book…now!

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I am excited to endorse Redefining Rhema by David Lake and Ed Delph. This is an important teaching on the concept of Rhema and how Rhema is to be used. I have been teaching on the relationship between Rhema and faith for some time and appreciate the insights of this book. It goes beyond the how to receive Rhema to the why of Rhema. It then goes on to address practical applications and the significance of these applications for the time in which we live. This book is needed to bring a better balance to the teaching about Rhema, and Rhema’s relationship to Logos. Thank you, David and Ed for this most needed contribution.
Randy Clark, D. Min. Th.D., Overseer of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, founder of Global Awakening. Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Every day we are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages in the form of billboards, TV, magazines, newspapers and the Internet. As the intensity of these words grows louder and louder we need to stop, listen and hear the Rhema voice of God. If we do not clearly recognize God’s voice, we are vulnerable and can easily be persuaded by each and every commentator who adds his or her voice to the noise. In this book, Ed Delph and David Lake help us to rediscover and trust God’s Rhema before we say what “we think.” God still speaks to His children and this is the time to ‘know’ and not to merely ‘ think’, so that God’s voice can pierce the darkness.
Graham Power, Founder Global Day of Prayer & Unashamedly Ethical, Cape Town, South Africa

“Listening well and walking in balance are two primary marks of emotional and spiritual maturity – something each and every one of us needs to know more about. I don’t think this book could come into our lives at a more critical time. It’s the right season for us to hear, redefine and move forward. Thanks, Ed and David, for helping the church to come to full stature.”
Dr. David Cannistraci, Lead Pastor, GateWay City Church, San Jose, California

Dr. Ed Delph is an amazing urban practitioner who understands the Kingdom. In Redefining Rhema, Ed Delph and co-author David Lake, unveil the secret of their effectiveness, which is – hearing the voice of God. In this day and age, when so many Christian leaders depend more on business strategy then acting on a divine rhema -this book is both timely and prophetic!
Dr Joseph Mattera, Mattera Ministries International, Brooklyn, New York

God is smarter than us, and the amazing thing is that He wants to share His thoughts with us! This is the basic premise of this incredible book that will help leaders tune in to the frequency of God’s voice as the fundamental building block to every great endeavor they might give their life to. Ed and David are two seasoned leaders in the kingdom they have masterfully brought both an apostolic and prophetic vantage point on this ageless truth, presenting it in a fresh and relevant way to inspire the global church. Read it and live it!
Alan Platt, Doxa Deo Global Visionary Leader, Pretoria, South Africa

God is using my anointed apostolic friend Ed Delph, and co-author David Lake to impact the Nations of the world with the gospel of the kingdom of God. In their new book, REDEFINING RHEMA, they have written a masterfully clear, insightful and practical handbook on the vitality important spiritual principle of a RHEMA word from God. With each chapter, Ed and David lead us on a journey of understanding and illumination that empowers us to both grasp the meaning of what a RHEMA is and then apply it in our walk with Christ. They give us Great insight by connecting RHEMA to the wisdom of Solomon to “See, Say and Share”. What makes this book so powerful to me is knowing Ed has practiced what he preaches and lived out for many years by example what he teaches us about in these pages! Dig in, you’re going to love REDEFINING RHEMA!
Dr. Michael Maiden, Lead pastor of Church for the Nations, Phoenix, Arizona

Hearing the voice of God is essential to discovering and walking in God’s purpose. Ed Delph and David Lake define how to listen, hear and practically apply what God says in the everyday decisions of life.
Mel C Mullen, Founder – Home Church, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

“We were talking over a light lunch at the Johannesburg International Airport when Ed shared the essence of ‘Redefining Rhema’ with me. It surely warmed my heart. Ed’s ministry and writings have been a blessing to many people across the globe. I believe your experience when reading Ed Delph and David Lake’s book will echo that of the two people from Emmaus: ‘Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?’” (Luke 24:32)
Dr. Isak Burger, Author and former President of the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa

“We live in an attention deficit, over stimulated world that is moving quickly in a direction that lacks clarity. If ever we needed to truly here from God, it’s now! ‘Redefining Rhema’ is a timely read. My friend Ed Delph and co-author David Lake do a masterful job reclaiming and explaining the life changing experience of ‘Rhema’ to a new generation.
Dan Steffen, Senior Pastor, Pure Heart Church, Glendale, Arizona

The book in your hands deals with one of the most wonderful aspects of the Christian walk, the ability and right of every believer to hear God’s voice on a regular basis. Hearing and obeying is an essential key to successfully living the Christian life and fulfilling God’s call. Clear biblical teaching on Rhema are desperately needed in today’s world of many conflicting voices. With new insights and fresh perspective, I am sure this book will be a valuable resource to you and result in a more successful, intimate and powerful walk with God.
Tak Bharna, Senior Pastor, Church Unlimited, Auckland, New Zealand

Having used NationStrategy as a tool to pry open a community awareness in pastors attending my TLC (Training Leaders for Christ) Center, I am not surprised that Heaven has once again chosen Dr. Ed Delph and co-author David Lake to receive a revelation that fits perfectly with the past, present and future of both Community and Church. By just learning the real and often misunderstood meaning of one WORD you have the key to perfectly fulfilling God’s purpose for you and the world around you. You will never regret reading this book.
Dr. Iverna Tompkins, Training Leaders for Christ, Scottsdale, Arizona

I have had the pleasure of knowing my good friends Ed Delph and David Lake to be men of practical wisdom and deep spiritual insight. Their new book, “Redefining Rhema” brings to clarity that God’s Word is full of life and power. It sharpens your spiritual eyes the moment you start reading the book. You will encounter that everything about God and you is personal!
Peter M. Kairuz, President and CEO,  CBN ASIA, INC.
And Host of The 700 Club Asia

Redefining Rhema is a book that is so apt for this time and season of our lives. It teaches us how to see and hear accurately what God wants to say and show to us. God wants us to download accurately what is in His heart so that we know what to do. Jesus says in Matthew 13:16,” Blessed are your eyes because they see and your ears because they hear.” It is a blessing from God to be able to see and hear accurately, not only that we walk in the perfect will of God in our lives but also like the Sons of Issachar, we can tell the people what to do. This book is a gem and a guide towards this end. Read it and be thoroughly blessed!
Dr. Chew Weng Chee, Pastor, SIBKL Church (Sidang Injil Borneo Church Kuala Lumpur), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I wholeheartedly endorse Ed Delph and David Lake as men who are “living out” their message. Recently David spoke to our church about “Hear first, Speak second” and it was outstanding. I have heard and spoken on faith, but the clarity of revelation that was spoken, was another level. I believe this work is “just in time” for those who have “ears to hear” so that the body of Christ can advance the Kingdom of God in the earth.
Dave Dishroon, Lead Pastor, Change Point Church, Tauranga, New Zealand

In “Redefining Rhema” the collaborative genius of Dr. Ed Delph’s apostolic gifting has joined with David Lake’s prophetic gifting to create a brilliant revelatory work that will illuminate God’s direction for your life and endow you with power to effect change by hearing first and speaking second. A must read for everyone seeking to move with the truth of God’s Word.
Karen Drake, D.Min, President/Overseer Phoenix University of Theology, Phoenix, Arizona

Redefining Rhema  

Table of Contents
ForewordLance Wallnau
Introduction by Ed Delph and David Lake

Section I. The Biblical Pattern of Hear First, Speak Second…The ‘Why’ of Rhema (Ed Delph authored this section)

Chapter One Shift Your Spiritual Reality to Shift Their Spiritual Reality

Chapter Two… An Encounter with ‘The Ultimate Hearing Aid’

Chapter Three…   Unleashing Spiritual Shockwaves from Heaven

Section II. Redefining Rhema…Faith Comes from Hearing God…The ‘What’ of Rhema (Dave Lake authored this section)

Chapter Four…  Redefining and Refining Faith

Chapter Five…’Rhema First…Faith Second’

Chapter Six…  Trust Comes From Knowing God. Faith Comes from Hearing God.

Chapter Seven…  No Doubt about It!       

Chapter Eight…  Adventures and Misadventures in Faith

Section III. The Cooperation and Operation of Logos and Rhema (Ed Delph authored this section)

Chapter Nine… Two Swords from the Lord for Every Believer…Logos and Rhema

 Section IV. Implications and Applications of Rhema in Salvation, Church and Kingdom…The ‘How’ and ‘Who’ of Rhema (Ed Delph authored this section)

Chapter Ten… Three Successive Revelations Every Christian Needs to ‘Illuminate’ Nations

Chapter Eleven…  Rhema in Salvation: Saving Peter, Paul and…Mr. Banks

Chapter Twelve…Rhema in Church: Between Exodus and Genesis is Revelation

Chapter Thirteen…Rhema in the Kingdom: Go Tell It on the Mountains…All Seven of Them

Chapter Fourteen… Illuminating Leaders, Influencers and Mind Molders: Something to Say, Something to See, Something to Share.

Section V. Conclusion…God’s Words Create God’s World (Ed Delph and Dave Lake authored the conclusion)

Chapter Fifteen… Mission Possible—Staging for RHEMA Renaissance (A Reformation in the Church Created a Renaissance Outside of the Church)