City Changers – When the Saints Go Marching Out


In today’s world, how do you grow a church? The answer is by growing your community. Look for a way into the community, not a way out of the community. This book is designed for those who want to be the change. It’s practical and applicable. It’s full of ideas on how ‘people in the pew’ can engage the community in real and tangible ways. It’s what people who are touched by the Spirit of God do to find a need and meet it, uplifting others and the community.

If heaven had to come to earth to show the way, the church does too. If they can’t see us, they won’t be us! Be the change!

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If you don’t like your city or community the way it is, change it.

In City Changers, you will discover, uncover and recover Kingdom ministry like it was in the book of Acts. The saints went marching out of their seats and into the streets. They had favor with God and favor with man. They turned the Church inside out and transported God’s wisdom everywhere. They made insider information, outsider information.

They understood that in order to grow the Church they had to grow their community too. Many leaders in the Church became leaders in the city. They became the “X” factors and difference makers in releasing the potential of their communities, cities and countries.

The way is yours. Take it!

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Endorsements for City Changers

“Dr. Ed Delph is one of the most innovative and relevant teachers in the world today regarding community transformation! All of his books, including City Changers, are must-reads for all those who want the Body of Christ to take the lead in holistically reaching cities and nations!”
-Dr. Joseph Mattera, Overseeing Bishop of Christ Covenant Coalition

“Ed Delph’s understanding of blessing and building, honoring and helping, respecting and resourcing our communities is essential to the revitalization of the Twenty-First-Century Church. His insights on the need to forge an authentic unity of congregational servants (especially pastors and prayer leaders) and marketplace leaders (Christ-followers living a prayer-care-share lifestyle where they work and learn and play) are the “start-here” steps to loving our communities to Christ … together … as one Church.”
-Phil Miglioratti, Mission America Coalition

“Ed has been a leader and thinker in community transformation for many years. His recent book, City Changers, gives clarity and focus to those mobilized to bring change to their communities and the world. His practical approach gives the reader easy on-ramps to get engaged and to make a difference where they are. I want to thank Ed for his effort to deliver valuable material like this to the global marketplace community.”
-Al Caperna, Director, Call2Business

“In all my years of travel and working with leaders there are few I can think of who have as profound a grasp and so timely a revelation for the church as Ed Delph. His writing and ministry breath fresh life into me whenever I encounter them. If you know Ed, you already know what I’m talking about. If this is your first exposure – you are in for a treat that simply can’t be beat!”
-Dr. Lance Wallnau, Director of the Lance Learning Group


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