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How to Build a Church for the Community?

There are three basic types of churches. First of all, there are Christian fellowships. Christian fellowships tend to be upward and inward but struggle at being outward. They are fellowships, a bunch of Christian fellows in the same ship. The second type of church is the community church. A community church tends to take from the community but not give anything back to the community. They are a bubble of activity but not effective in uplifting communities.

Lastly, and this is what Church@Community is about, there is the ‘church for the community.’ A ‘church for the community’ is involved in the community. A ‘church for the community’ envisions and equips tomorrow’s leaders today for the community. A ‘church for the community’ finds a need and meets it. A ‘church for the community’ understands they are here for the community, not the other way around. Church@Community is the ultimate guide for building a ‘church for the community.’ This book contains the what, why, how and who of community engagement leading to community transformation.

In today’s world, you grow your church by growing the community.

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Strategic Core Values That Engage Faith In Culture

Ed Delph is recognized as one of today’s foremost apostolic leaders of apostles. In this book he shares years of accumulated wisdom which will help us understand clearly just what the divine task of apostles really is.
-C. Peter Wagner, Presiding Apostle, International Coalition of Apostles

If they can’t see us . . . they won’t be us!

DO YOU REALIZE that the Church and the community are connected? The Church is here for the benefit of the community. The community is where the raw material of the church comes from. The community is where the Bride of Christ comes from. Let me ask those of you in the church a question . . .

1. How is the community different or better because of your church?

2. If your church was to die, would the community miss you?

These questions are crucial if we ever are to experience community impact and transformation. Years ago God gave the inhabitants of Jerusalem a strategy on how to transform the city of Babylon. They were to serve God by serving the community. If we had an email address for this strategy, I would call it Church@Community.

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The desire that His people take dominion of the societies in
which they live began in the Garden of Eden and it is still in
effect today. Ed Delph sees our responsibility clearly, and his
lucid and penetrating book is a road map that points the body of
Christ in the right direction.

My friend Ed Delph is a catalyst for positive change, an inspiration
to international Christian leaders, and a visionary who
spends himself tirelessly in order to promote the growth and
health of the whole church in the whole world.

Church@Community is just what is needed to create an engagement
with culture and society that is not accidental but purposeful.
Everyone engages with culture; some are shaped by its values,
others mindlessly enjoy, or put up with it. This book will teach
you the value of serving and blessing rather than simply criticizing—
analyzing the darkness. We Christians are good at that.
This will help us shine our lights much brighter.