A capacity building, transformational class for all people equipping you for success in all realms of life thus enhancing the community.

One of the greatest moves of the Holy Spirit in the 21st Century is the activation of Marketplace and Commerce Christians.

For far too long, those in Commerce who attended the church have been asking….

  • Why am I here?
  • Why am I a businessperson, a government official, a teacher, or in media if where I am is unholy?
  • Is Business unholy and, if so, why does God have me here?
  • What is full-time ministry?
  • What is my role in the community as well as in the church as a person engaged in commerce?
  • What and where is church?
  • What is secular and what is sacred?

Session Details:

In this class, we will redefine ministry and, for the first time in many years, learn how to redefine God, Church and Christians in the eyes of the community. We will activate the 11/12’s church! We will give you permission to make a profit, advance, succeed, and be promoted for influencing the influencers of the community. We will reinstate the ‘Church-Community Connection’ that existed in communities in the time of the Book of Acts.

You will become more entrepreneurial! You will become more proactive! What you do will be legitimized and included in normal church life! We will equip you for life; not just church life! You will meet successful Christian entrepreneurs in each session and learn how God is using them in their place of influence in the community. We will enhance your competency, enlarge your capacity, thus creating strategic opportunities of influence for you! You will see today’s leaders and influencers in the church to be tomorrow’s leaders and influencers in the community. You will never, never, ever, ever see your career the same way again! As a person in commerce, you will learn that your career is your ministry. You serve at church but your ministry is in the community!

This class is about formation not just information. It’s more strategic that academic. We show the way, not just teach the way. The key is positioning Christian influencers into positions of influence.

Welcome to a bigger world……you’ve got mail!

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