Do you realize that the only thing bigger than God is your will?

That’s quite a statement, isn’t it? Why is that statement true? God made it that way. That is what makes human beings unique among all God’s creation. God gave human beings a soul. He gave us a mind to think, emotions to feel, and, most importantly, a will to choose.

The Apostle John in 3 John 2, writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, gives us a stunning revelation. “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.” In other words, you will only prosper and be in good health to the point that your soul prospers. If your soul is in turmoil that is going to affect your health as well as all you emotional, financial, physical, relational, personal, vocational and ministerial prosperity. In other words, a troubled soul leads to troubling times. Or better said, troubling times can lead to troubled minds.

Do not underestimate the power of this principle! Many have underestimated this principle and the consequences have been devastating. Look at the trouble, underachievement, the lives hurt of both the minister and the community, the potential wasted, and short lived ministries of those who choose to ignore this principle. Be wise, it’s not only cars that can be recalled by their Maker. The Apostle Paul called this concept…disqualified (I Cor. 9:27).

When our souls are in turmoil, it is like a pipe that is plugged up with sludge. There can be all kinds of water on one side of the plugged up pipe, but just a trickle of water on the other side. That same concept is true of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can only operate in our lives to the extent that our soul will allow it. So, your mind, will and emotions (your soul) are the determiners of how much of the Holy Spirit, health, and prosperity is released to you and in you!

This is a spiritual as well as natural principle. We are not human beings going through a temporary spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings going through a temporary human experience. This course equips you for that reality.

This course is about behavior transformation, not behavior modification. It’s a soul tune-up! All we are trying to do is put you in a position to succeed….for the long term.

Warning: Don’t try and be a minister without this course, it’s dangerous to your health and prosperity!


This session is about how power and authority work together. Many have power but no authority. Others have authority but no power. Why does the enemy want to separate power and authority in the believer? How does he do it? If you have lost it, how do you get it back? This message is truly a key to the kingdom.
Dragon’s Eggs – Small, Tame Forbidden Things That Turn Into Large, Untamable things.
This session will begin with a message of Dragon’s Eggs. It’s based on a story in David and Karen Main’s book called Tales of the Kingdom. The story is called, Princess Amanda and the Dragon. The idea is how small tame forbidden things turn into large untamable things.
This session deals with the Four Horseman in Rev. 6. The enemy’s strategy is to release four horses of destruction. First is the white horse of idolatry (something that is like God but not God). Secondly, comes the red horse of war where the spirit and flesh within you are at war. Thirdly, comes the black horse of famine or starting to starve spiritually. The last horse is the ashen horse of death and dying. Enough said.
Broken Relationships
This session deals with the ultimate Dragon’s egg; broken relationships. Ed takes you on a journey of broken relationships and how to mend them.
The first of the two sessions is a revelation on how to deal with unhealthy objects of passion. We use the story of Samson to illustrate this. Then, we explore the reality of most of the Christians and ministers.
How do you deal with gap between where you thought you would be and where you are in your ministry or life? This message is real and gives real answers that give us peace, faith and hope even when we don’t achieve our dreams.
This session comes from my book, Learning How To Trust…Again. Trust is the number 1 issue in the whole world. Trust is the rope that connects you to God, a person or anything else. You will only rise to the level of that in which you trust. This session is designed to move people from trust impaired to trust repaired to trust prepared.
This session deals with how the flesh loves to go to extremes. People tend to swing to legalism or license. They swing to way to tight or way to loose. The Spirit loves liberty which is right in the middle. This session is designed to have people come to grips with keeping the Word because they want to, not because they have to.
In this session, we will download what we have learned and consider how to apply what we have learned. Impression without expression leads to depression. We want to move these principles from the head to the heart to the feet! We want what we have learned in this seminar to become real, tangible and lasting in the community. It’s about moving from revelation to reality!


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