Session Details:

This 4-7 session seminar has to do with “Giving the Church Back to the Community.”

Most pastors, churches and congregations have a desire to be an influence in the community, lead people to Christ, and be people and churches of refuge, but don’t know the ‘how to’s’ and ‘what’s required’ issues to be such a church. This seminar takes you and your people on a quest into the postmodern world so you can know how to minister to your community. Then we look at Daniel who turned his Babylon to the Lord. We explore the issues of focus and awareness through the series “Clueless in Seattle” as well as the issue of authenticity called “Can We Be Real?” We finish with ‘how to’s’ applied in a practical way to influence your community.

This is a whole new approach to this type of subject. It’s especially good for ‘charismatic’ churches wanting to influence their communities in a real and tangible way.

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