Session Details:

 This 4-7 session seminar is the ‘now’ word of the Lord both spiritually accurate and biblically correct!

This seminar ‘revelates’ the principle of ‘spiritual entrepreneurialism‘ to pastors, leaders, congregations and other community spheres of influence like business, government, education and the media. All of these spheres of influence are necessary components in any community. The church was meant to be a vital part in cooperation, not marginalization, with the community. Innovative Disruption activates the Christian in the business sphere, government sphere, educational sphere, media sphere, etc., to be ‘sent ones’ into their sphere of influence! Ten actual examples of innovative disruption are discussed in this seminar.

Some topics include:

  • Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall . . .
  • Church and Government – The Two Keyed Lockbox
  • God is a Businessman
  • Looking For a Way In . . . Not a Way Out
  • Activating, Empowering, Releasing the Entrepreneurial Offices and Gifts
  • Influence Joseph’s Pharaoh’s

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