We want to spread the concept of community transformation and churches for the community to every part of the globe. We desire to see communities transformed by the church both inside and outside of the four church walls. We desire to activate 11/12 of the Christians who have a career and a ministry at the same time to be ‘pastors’ to the community. We desire to see the church take its place as a vision-caster and influencer in the community once again.
Church and community growth, not to mention personal growth. We never want to experience underachieving Christians, churches, communities, cities and countries again. Every pastor wants to grow his/her church. Every community leader wants to grow their community.

A Church@Community conference creates the values shift necessary in your people to engage the community. Our conferences are a transforming experience. Your people will never be the same way again. Hundreds of testimonies support what we are saying.

  • Friday evening, Saturday daytime and Sunday services.
  • Sunday services, Monday – Wednesday evenings.

Pastors or leaders conferences can be anytime at your convenience.

You may want to have Dr. Delph speak at your church’s Sunday service first and follow up with a conference.

The subjects covered would be the same as in the introduction of this website.

Seminar Example

Three Day Church-Community Connection Conference or Seminar

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The Church-Community Connection:

  • This session is a case statement for the community. Ed is like a lawyer presenting the case of the community to the jury….which is the audience. This session is full of revelation…the kind of revelation that generally prompts leaders, pastors and the people to action.

The Culture of the Church:

  • This is a fairly short session but will has a shock value through revelation that sets up the rest of the conference. It shows us how traditional church culture incapacitates us for community transformation.

It depends on what you want. I could do 3 sessions in the day, one at night ,etc. The day sessions would be more geared to pastors, leaders, and marketplace ministers and the evening would be more catalytic, so all would enjoy. But the night session will still be on community transformation.

Intelligent Fire…..Nehemiah’s Recipe for Community Transformation:

  • This session shows how four elements are needed in real, tangible and lasting community transformation. Most community transformation initiatives rely on one element thus reducing the sustainability of any community transformation effort. It’s like a recipe. When all the ingredients are mixed together, we move from the incredible to the credible in the community.

Community Transformation: Turning Unfulfilled Potential Into Fulfilled Reality…The Principle of Vision and Government:

  • This is the most important session in the conference for leaders. This session moves us from the possibility of community transformation to the probability of community transformation

How God Makes Cities….The Humpty Dumpty Principle.

  • Who are the influencers in a city and what is the church’s relationship with them? Can the church reach a city by itself? This session is a revelation on the five mind molders of the community. We unfold the principle of strategic alliances and mutual collaborations to the benefit of all in the city.

The Corporate Anointing.

  • This session is where I show it takes a community of churches to reach a community of peoples. I actually make holy, anointing oil and an anointing service follows. Those present will never forget this message.

Outrageous Grace… It’s In the Atmosphere!

  • This session deals with the prerequisite of creating an environment of grace in your church where both the lost and the found feel welcome and sense God….very unique and eye opening.

Giving Back… Pursuing Social Responsibility.

  • Are we called to be spiritual only? Is our job as the church salvation only? What does God say about social responsibility? Have Christians underestimated the power of God’s truth to transform entire societies? Get ready to have your paradigms shifted in a transforming way. This session has a call to ministry at the end of the session…ministry, etc.

How To Build a Church For the Community.

  • This is a very practical way to structure your church so that you are releasing today’s leaders and influencers in church to be tomorrow’s leaders and influencers in the community. We will introduce you to what we call….The Three Staged Rocket…propelling you to the community. You learn how to build a church that grows by growing the community, allowing the church to be a vision caster in the community once again. This is a “how to” message. There is a question and answer time in this session.


  • I could talk on a number of things at a luncheon. I probably would speak on Seeking the Welfare of Your Community the Daniel Way or Internal Strife Leads To An External Oppressor or any topic that you would like.

The 11/12th’s Church…..The Return of the Kings! 

  • This message is on who is responsible for the transformation of the community. Who are God’s community transformers? It is the ultimate ‘marketplace minister’ message that turns on your marketplace people to the high calling they have in Christ. Marketplace Christians serve at church but their ministry is in the community. Watch your church grow as you activate 11/12th’s of your church to church life beyond….church life! Ministry and activation follows this message. This is a great way to end the conference.

If the sessions are not translated and spoken in English, I would suggest the following.

  • Praise and worship are expected and appreciated. It might be wise to hold it to 1/2 hour or so.
  • The day time sessions speaking time will be approximately 50 minutes each.
  • I would suggest worship in the opening session only if you wanted worship in the daytime sessions.
  • The evening session speaking time will be one hour….more if you like.
  • Of course, all sessions speaking duration can be shortened or lengthened as you need. I’m just giving you my preferences.

Other notes:

Anytime there is ministry afterwards it is always helpful to have music or worship…especially at night. I have geared this seminar or conference to most of the ministry at night. There will be some ministry in the day as need, church culture, and God dictate.

Our guarantee is that after this conference, you will never, never, ever, ever see your community the same way again!

Invite NATIONStrategy:

We would love to have the opportunity to speak at your church or city. Please contact Ed Delph at 623-363-9961 or 623-376-6757. You can also email Ed at NATIONStrategy@cs.com to schedule your conference.

Dr. Delph prefers to have 7 – 10 sessions for this conference, but that is a goal, not a prerequisite.

After Booking:

You are welcome to make a flyer out of this sample I have given. In fact, I think people will be motivated to come by the information given here.

Please visit our About Ed page to find a media kit with photos, graphics, and biography to use with marketing efforts.