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This seminar is based upon Pastor Ed’s book Making Sense of Apostolic Ministry. This is a great 4-7 session seminar on the subject of apostolic ministry. The seminar would be great for congregations, bible schools, seminaries, or leadership training institutes that want a no-nonsense, easy to understand look at the task of apostles and those involved in apostolic ministry.

Pastor Ed makes understanding apostolic ministry easy for church leaders and their congregations. You and your church can easily be apostolic. This seminar is Ed’s response to the question everyone is asking “What does the apostolic look like, is it a status, or a task?” 


Making Sense of Apostolic Ministry: Balance Through Fullness

What were the apostles really trying to do in the early church? What were they trying to accomplish? When they planted a church, what was that church trying to do? When they networked, why did they network? What is the purpose or function of apostolic ministry? How does that relate to the community?

Many have called apostolic ministry a ‘building’ ministry. If we’re going to build, we had better learn the function of what we’re building! The function of a building determines the form of a building . . . form follows function. In my opinion, many have set out to form apostolic networks, do ‘apostolic ministry’, or be ‘apostles’ without really knowing the function of the apostolic. That’s like building a building without the blueprint! The form or building ends up confusing the ones on the outside, and confounding the ones on the inside. The end result has been forms, many of which have had very little reflection of true apostolic ministry.

This book is about the function of apostolic ministry, or apostolicity, the extent to which you are apostolic. As we explore the what, why, and the how of apostolic ministry, I believe the real heart purpose and function of apostolic ministry will become more evident to us. As the function of apostolic ministry is grasped, the various forms will be more reflective of the function.

In my opinion, real apostolic ministry is about what I call the “Three C’s” . . . Christ, the Church, and the Community!

Apostolic ministry is about Christ . . . He is the Chief Cornerstone of the building or temple . . . the groom of the church and the Light of the World! As the church looks to Christ, she looks like Christ.

Apostolic ministry is about the Church . . . a church conformed to the image of His beloved Son is character, ministry and mission demonstrating the manifold wisdom of God. A church not emphasis, personality, or theme driven, but churches demonstrating Christ Unlimited!

Apostolic ministry is about the Community . . . gives the church back to the community. The community seeing a united church, effective churches with good reputations, and churches that reflect Jesus to the community!

Christ . . . being made known through the church to the rulers, world and community (Eph. 3:10). When Christ is lifted up through the church, He draws all men (the community) to Himself (Jn. 12:32). The real function of apostolic could be summed up in this way . . . Christ . . . through the church . . . to the community!

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