After our Seminars, our guarantee is your church or organization will NEVER, EVER see their community, city, or nation the same way again.

Church@Community Conferences

  • A Church@Community conference creates the values shift necessary in your people to engage the community. Our conferences are a transforming experience. Your people will never be the same way again. Hundreds of testimonies support what we are saying.

Soul Prosperity

  • This course is about behavior transformation, not behavior modification. It’s a soul tune-up! All we are trying to do is put you in a position to succeed….for the long term.

Spiritual Entrepreneurism For Strategic Community Influence

  • A capacity building, transformational class for all people equipping you for success in all realms of life thus enhancing the community.

APOSTOLICITY Making Sense of the Apostolic Ministry

  • This seminar is based upon Pastor Ed’s book Making Sense of Apostolic Ministry. This is a great 4-7 session seminar on the subject of apostolic ministry. The seminar would be great for congregations, bible schools, seminaries, or leadership training institutes that want a no-nonsense, easy to understand look at the task of apostles and those involved in apostolic ministry.

Redemptive Relevancy: Ostrich or Opportunity?

  • Most pastors, churches and congregations have a desire to be an influence in the community, lead people to Christ, and be people and churches of refuge, but don’t know the ‘how to’s’ and ‘what’s required’ issues to be such a church. This seminar takes you and your people on a quest into the postmodern world so you can know how to minister to your community.

Innovative Disruption… In the Nick of Time!

  • This seminar ‘revelates’ the principle of ‘spiritual entrepreneurialism’ to pastors, leaders, congregations and other community spheres of influence like business, government, education and the media. All of these spheres of influence are necessary components in any community.

Building Your Church Around Purpose

  • We explore the subject and power of purpose, and then very practically take you through the process of building your church, business, ministry or whatever around purpose. Ed helps you in determining who you are, what you do, how you do it, and what it looks like when it’s done. Church government and ways of dealing with organizational crises are also dealt with.

Other Seminars for Your Church, Church Leadership or Conference

  • Intercession and the Apostolic
  • Learning How To Trust All Over Again – based on Ed’s book of the same name.
  • Realms of Reformation
  • Singles Conference on Dating and Relationships
  • Conquering Lingering Effects and Influences
  • Satan’s Schemes, God’s Solutions in City Reaching and Community Transformation
  • Motivating Messages For Sleepy Congregations
  • Unleashing The Entrepreneurial Spirit in Your Church


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After Booking:

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