Our Seminars

Our seminars include; Church@Community Conferences, Soul Prosperity, Spiritual Entrepreneurism For Strategic Community Influence, APOSTOLICITY Making Sense of the Apostolic Ministry, Redemptive Relevancy: Ostrich or Opportunity?, Innovative Disruption… In the Nick of Time!, Building Your Church Around Purpose

Other seminars include; Intercession and the Apostolic, Learning How To Trust All Over Again – based on Ed’s book of the same name, Realms of Reformation, Singles Conference on Dating and Relationships, Conquering Lingering Effects and Influences, Satan’s Schemes, God’s Solutions in City Reaching and Community Transformation, Motivating Messages For Sleepy Congregations, Unleashing The Entrepreneurial Spirit in Your Church
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The Church-Community Connection

ChurchCommunity Connection is published weekly in newspapers and blogs all over the world. Most of these newspapers are local paid subscription newspapers. The goal of these 600 word articles is to build a bridge to the community through humor, wisdom and changing inaccurate mental perceptions that the community has of God, church, and Christianity. If you know of a local newspaper that you think would like these articles, please have them contact Ed Delph at our website. The articles are free of charge and Ed’s way of giving back to the community.
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Ed’s Books

You can take advantage of and draw upon the gift that God has given Ed Delph through his books today!

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