Ed's Newspaper Articles

The purpose of these articles is to connect the community to the church. I'm building a bridge, not burning a bridge to the community. I'm trying to redefine God, church and Christians in the eyes and minds of those in the community. I'm making it easier for the whole community to go to church in NW Phoenix. The combined circulation of the Peoria Times and the Glendale Star is 25,000 paid subscriptions weekly. Two people read each newspaper each week or 50,000+ are reading these articles each week in our area! I have the biggest church in Phoenix....thru my articles! According to the publisher, it's the most popular article in the newspaper.

I feel my definition of God, church and Christians is better than CNN's (I'm not perfect but I know I'm closer than CNN!) I speak 'community-ese', not 'christian-ese' in these articles. I put it God's way, but nicely. Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy. So, I'm doing heaps of redefining....in words and concepts that 98% of the community can relate to. I have been doing these articles since November 2004. These articles are now being published weekly in around 20 newspapers...I can't keep track of the number. One of the newspapers is the Southern Johannesburg....400,000 daily subscriptions in JB, South Africa.


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