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About Ed Delph, D. Min - The Leader of NATIONStrategy


Ed Delph has been responding to God's call to the community and to the nations since 1979. He has ministered or been in over 100 countries as well as serving as a pastor in the United States. Previously, he was the President of Central Bindery, a large book bindery in Phoenix, Arizona. He was the founding pastor of Hosanna Christian Fellowship in 1987. Hosanna started with 36 people a quickly grew to 800 attendees in the early 1990s. Hosanna was instrumental in many city reaching and community transformation initiatives in the Phoenix area as well as the world. Several churches were planted out of Hosanna both locally and internationally.

Ed received his Doctorate of Ministry in February 2003 from the Phoenix University of Theology along with Bishop Wellington Boone, Pastor/Author Terry Crist and others. Ed graduated in 1971 with a BS in Personnel Management from the Arizona State University School of Business. He went to Sunnyslope High School and graduated in 1967. Edwin G. Delph was born in Phoenix, Arizona on August 23, 1949.

A noted speaker, pastor, author and apostolic figure to many churches locally and internationally, Ed serves "the church" and well as "a church." He is the President of Nationstrategy, an organization that unleashes the potential of communities through the strategic alliance of church, business, government, education and media for the benefit of the community. Nationstrategy was started in 2001 with the strategy of envisioning and empowering today's leaders in church to be some of tomorrow's leaders in the community. The purpose of Nationstrategy is to reveal ‘mindskins’ that create wineskins and environments for community transformation and enhancement. Simply said, we (Nationstrategy) are people who empower people to transform communities.

He is also the Dean of Faith in Culture at Phoenix University of Theology (PHXUT.US) and serves on the National Association of Ecclesiology at the request of Dr. C. Peter Wagner.


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  • He was married in 1983 to Becky Delph in Phoenix, Arizona. Their family is Kristin, Matthew and Jonathan. Kristin and Matthew are married. Jonathan is a student at Arizona State University. Ed is also has two grandchildren; Madeleine and Tessa.


  • He has written four books. The first is Making Sense of Apostolic Ministry, published by the International Resource Network in 2002. The second edition of this book was released in April 2010. The second edition was revised and updated.


  • His second book, Church @ Community was published by Creation House and was released in 2005. Church @ Community would be the case book for what Nationstrategy is all about. This book is Ed’s Doctoral Dissertation but written in a very readable and understandable way. It is a favorite of Community Transformation people all over the world. The book was a 10,000 first printing. A second edition is scheduled to be released in 2010.


  • His third book is called Learning How To Trust... Again, published by Destiny Image in 2007. This book is now in the third printing with a leader’s guide and discussion questions. Ed is a level “A” author with Destiny Image Publishers. This is easily Ed’s most popular book and addresses the number one issue in the world...Trust.


  • Ed’s fourth book is called The 5 Minute Miracle-Standing Out by Becoming Outstanding. This very special book is published by Destiny Image Publishers was released December 2008. The purpose of this book is to redefine God, church and Christians to the people in our communities. The book moves people from uninterested to interested, uninformed to informed, uneducated to educated and unaware to aware of God, church and Christians.


  • Ed has written four articles for Ministry Today magazine. His last article called Favor with Man was published in the September/October 2006 issue. He was also one of five influential apostolic figures interviewed in a Ministry Today article written by Dr. C. Peter Wagner.


  • Ed writes a weekly article called The Church-Community Connection which is published weekly in 10 newspapers all over the world. Most of these newspapers are local paid subscription newspapers. The goal of these 450 word articles is to build a bridge to the community through humor, wisdom and changing mental perceptions that the community has of the church. For example, just in the Phoenix area alone, Ed ministers to over 50,000-100,000 citizens each week through The Glendale Star and The Peoria Times newspapers. Total readership each week is over 600,000.


  • Ed is on the Board of Beth Yachad Messianic Congregation, a mission to unreached Jewish people. The congregation is 200+ strong and has planted two other congregations in just four years in the Phoenix area.
  • From September 1980 to May 1987, Ed served in two large churches in the Phoenix area (Grace Community Church and Northwest Community Church) as a Singles Pastor. The first of these two singles ministries had 550 singles and the second grew from 16 to 250+ in just over 4 years. Ed has conducted singles seminars and conferences all over the world.


  • In the 1980’s and 90’s, Ed was a vital part of planting churches in seven unreached people groups in Orrissa, India with Dr. Harvey Lifsey and Dr. Ed Murphy. His church, Hosanna Christian Fellowship gave over $1,000,000 in eight years to missions endeavors all over the world.


  • Ed is still involved in business, buying and selling undeveloped land in the state of Arizona from time to time.


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