NATIONStrategy represents a multinational family of people who partner together in their love for God, their passion for community and national transformation, their heart for all leaders and influencers, their zeal for the fulfillment of potential and destiny for every person and organization and a burning desire to see the church take its place as an influencer and vision caster in community transformation and enhancement.

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People Who Empower People to Transform Communities. We are a source and resource ministry for church and marketplace leaders.

“There’s a stronghold of opportunity in our communities and we need to take a stronghold of it.”
-Pastor Bruce Benge, Hamilton, New Zealand

We facilitate and empower movements of community and church leaders united for the purpose of uplifting people and communities…bringing both closer to their God-given purpose and potential.

NATIONStrategy affects the destinies of peoples, churches, communities, and nations through reestablishing Judeo-Christian core values that make community transformation possible. Our strategy is to integrate these essential core values into every organizational sphere in the community. Our leadership and expertise in this area allows us to…

  • Enable, equip and empower churches and church leaders to fulfill their God-given destiny and purpose in and to the community.
  • Enable, equip and empower other organizations such as business, government, education, media, etc. to partner with each other and the church in serving the community.
  • Give revelation and facilitate a theologically sound ministry vehicle for purpose driven unity with other churches and community leaders.
  • Help the church to be more aware of and relevant to the community they were created to serve and reach.
  • Eliminate the religious barriers, theological micromanaging, and the practice of marginalizing other organizational spheres within the community, thus creating a win/win for all the community

We reveal ‘mindskins’ that create wineskins and environments for community transformation and enhancement.

The heart of NATIONStrategy is to use every means possible to facilitate the communication of the gospel in a practical and relevant way to all cultures, to train community and national leaders in churches and organizations, and to reinstate strategic core values that enable the church to have real and tangible influence in the community again. Our experience has taught us that community transformation requires a core value transformation. We do this by:

  • Authoring books, magazine articles and materials
  • Seminars on Church @ Community, Spiritual Entrepreneurialism, Redemptive Relevancy and Soul Prosperity that explain and enhance vital aspects of community transformation
  • Speaking at pastor and leadership conferences worldwide
  • Sharing essential community transformation core values to people, leaders, churches, governments, businesses, and business people, etc. who desire to listen, consider and apply.
  • Networking churches and leaders with each other that are community minded and core value driven
  • Our Website
  • Video and CD production
  • Starting, facilitating or participating in community transformation initiatives locally, nationally and internationally
  • Speaking at churches and conducting Church @ Community Conferences that create churches that are upward, inward and outward. This produces favor with both man and God

Our Mission…

To Pastors, Churches and Church Leaders:

We are a ‘Guide by Your Side’ in Helping Pastors and Church Movements Grow Their Church by Growing Their Community.

To All Community Leaders:

We Envision and Empower All Community Leaders for Societal Uplift and Transformation.

Nationstrategy is unique in that 70% of our collaboration and presenting is to church leaders, pastors and people in the church space while 30% of our collaboration and presenting is to all leaders and influencers in the community space….including education, business, media, government and other spheres of influence in the community space.
We believe that we as churched people can be good citizens of heaven as well as our community, city and country.

Our Mission to Pastors, Churches and Church Leadership … Be the ‘Guide by Their Side’ in Growing the Church by Growing the Community.

The Problem:

As you are aware, citizens, communities, cites and countries are underachieving. Societal problems are trending upward because of a meltdown in the values and institutions that make a community or city great. The church is not even in the top seven influencers in United States culture. The public relations image of the church is the second lowest of all entities in the United States. While some churches are growing on the inside of the walls, the church is losing the culture outside of the walls. Jesus is interested in changing culture, not just getting bodies in chairs. Abandoning the culture allows the world to determine the culture. Too many have become keepers of the aquarium rather than fishers of men. Truth: There will be no transformation without incarnation. Things change from the inside out, not the outside in.

The Solution:

Notice God’s solution in times like these. Earth wasn’t going to heaven so heaven had to come to earth. The Word had to become flesh. The spiritual became natural. Why? To show the way. To redefine God to the community. Jesus strategy was contact and communication without contamination. Jesus gave God a face in the community. In the same way Jesus redefined God then, we, the church, redefine God to the community now. If the community is not going to church and then church has to go to the community. Our destiny is to go to heaven, our responsibility is to bring heaven. If they can’t see us, they won’t be us.

Two Questions Every Church Must Ask:

How is our community better because of this church?
If our church was gone, who would miss us?

The church is complex in that fact that it must be upward, inward and outward at the same time. Most churches are good at being upward and inward but struggle with the outward. For the most part the church is not strategic and therefore not effective in engaging faith in culture. Seminary and bible schools don’t teach pastors and leaders for ministry outside of the church. If there is no deposit into the community, there will be little return from the community. Jesus entered humanity to save us, not from a distance, but from the position of a participant, a fellow human being. God wants more than belief and worship, God wants faith and love! Be fruitful and multiply, don’t just bask in paradise! Hence, the church needs to release social entrepreneurs. Social opportunity is spiritual opportunity. Social entrepreneurs join cultural relevance and eternal significance. They are touched by needs in their community. They are “soul oxygen” for the community. Salt can’t flavor what it doesn’t touch.

Our Assessment:

We feel there are three basic types of churches. First of all, there are Christian fellowships. They tend to be upward and inward but struggle at outward. They are fellowships, a bunch of Christian fellows in the same ship. Then, there are community churches. A community church tends to take from the community but not give anything back to the community. They are a bubble of activity but not effective in making communities better. Lastly, and this is what we at Nationstrategy believe in, there is the church for the community. A church for the community is involved in the community. They are raising up tomorrow’s leaders today for the community. They understand that they are here for the community, not the other way around. This is what my book Church@Community is all about…growing your church by growing the community.

Our Assignment: In today’s world, you grow your church by growing a church for the community.

We mentor and empower church leaders and churches worldwide in effectively engaging faith in culture. We equip churches and church leaders to be a leader and vision caster once again in the community. It takes a new ‘mindskin’ to have a new wineskin.

We bring churches revelation and awareness of their role in and responsibility to their community. We do this by case presenting and teaching.

We envision and empower churches be a church for the community. We do this by coaching and mentoring in implementing and execution stages of engaging the community.

We help churches to serve God by serving the community, resulting in favor with God and man. As churched people, we can be both a good Christian and a good citizen at the same time.

We are the guide by their side in finding real and tangible ways of engaging the community for our church clients. We are not just academic but ‘prac-ademic.’ We help churches find a need and meet it. We help churches to get out of the seat and into the street. ‘Be the Change.’

Our Position…

We are not primarily concerned about church forms such as seeker, charismatic, traditional, fundamental or social. We are concerned about uplifting and empowering people,
churches and communities to be all they were designed by God to be.

Our Guarantee…
After our engagement with a church and the churches leadership, the church will NEVER, EVER see their community, city, or nation the same way again. The result is that most will embrace the possibility of an undeniable change in their community.


 Seeking the Welfare of Your City

We Envision and Empower All Community Leaders for Societal Uplift and Transformation

    Here’s our perspective on what community influencers and leaders can do together for our community.

    Whether we are in business, education, media, church, arts, sports or government, we need to understand that we are all here to ‘populate’ the community rather than ‘plunder’ the community. We are here for the community, not the community is here for us.  

    We don’t compete with each other, we complete each other. Every community needs all community spheres of influence working together in mutual collaborations and strategic alliances for the benefit of the community.  Why? In our city and communities welfare, we will have welfare. If we honor our community, our community will honor us. If we build our community, our community will build us.   

    How do we build our community? Well, let’s look at the Ancient Scriptures, the Word of God, and see if we can get some wisdom for today. In Jeremiah 29:7, Jeremiah says the following to God’s people living in the far away city of Babylon. “And seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you in exile (to be a part of), and pray to the Lord on its behalf; for in its welfare, you will have welfare. The word for welfare in the Hebrew is shalom. Shalom means completeness, wholeness, health, welfare, soundness, prosperity, tranquility, fullness, perfectness, rest, and harmony. It’s where you say farewell to welfare!

    Wisdom from this scripture says three things. First of all, pray for your community. Why? Because when our country or community does well, your finances, business, career will do well. The success, or lack thereof, in our careers and lives could be a reflection of how our country or community is doing.

    Secondly, let’s work together to build our community. Be as committed to finding a remedy as finding fault. People who complain and blame are usually on the plundering side of life. If you don’t like your community, change it! How? From the inside out, not from the outside in. Be a participant rather than a critic. That’s what Jesus did. He offered real solutions rather than complaints about the obvious. The community can be better because of you!

    Finally, give back to your community. How? With your time, your treasure and your talents. For example, if as a business owner, you make a profit from the community, be sure to give some of it back to the community. Don’t plunder the community, populate the community! The idea is contribution, not conquest.

    Someone once said, “True heroism is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost. It’s the urge to serve others and whatever the cost.

Nationstrategy: Four Levels of Engagement with Community and Church Leaders
Mentors are Bridges to Tomorrow

Consider the quote by Edmund Burke: “Example is the school of mankind and they will learn at no other.” I like that. You become what you see on a consistent basis.

Jesus did more than teach. He spent time, not just in books, but with future leaders he called His disciples. He knew if the church was going to be sustainable, a time investment was going to have to be made in others. He was going to have to lead by example. He understood that mentors are bridges to tomorrow…for others.

One of my concerns for the church and the community worldwide is that I see very little discipleship these days. Churches regularly call teaching or one way communication, discipleship. But discipleship, mentoring, coaching, life-coaching, passing the baton or equipping (whatever you want to call it) is more caught than taught. It’s learning and leading by example.

One of the best examples of discipleship, mentoring, or life-coaching was the relationship of Paul and his “true son in the faith” Timothy. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the church or commerce, you can learn from their biblical example.

In a mentoring relationship, both parties must be motivated and engaged. You could be the best mentor ever, but if the one you are mentoring is not motivated or engaged, nothing much will happen. Conversely, you might be the most motivated learner ever, but if your mentor is not engaged or not willing to be personally involved, you will be adversely affected.

At Nationstrategy, we have four levels of engagement with those we serve.

Level One

The first level is what we call, ‘Case Presenting.’ Let’s consider community transformation. It’s as if I’m a lawyer presenting a case to a jury (audience) on the revelation, importance, and necessity of community engagement. It’s as if community transformation has hired me to represent their cause and case to the jury. Case presenting is crucial to anything that God is restoring to the church or community.

Level Two

The second level is called teaching. This is where we conduct seminars or conferences on aspects of community and societal transformation. We teach a five session conference called The Church-Community Connection for most churches. But teaching is not the end. It’s the means to an end.

Level Three

The third level is called coaching. That is where we are much like the coach on a team. We coach the leadership of a church or community sphere of influence on community transformation. We are involved in a two way relationship with leadership. We coach them in implementation and execution.

Level Four

The fourth level is called mentoring. Mentoring is what Jesus did with His inner circle. That is where real transformation and relationship took place. Its two way, involved with those we serve intimately. It’s like the offensive line coach on a football team. That coach knows not just the one he is mentoring, but his family, back ground, children’s names, and his issues too.

Let me summarize this way. Case presenting was what Jesus did with the 5000. Teaching is what Jesus did with the 70. Coaching is what Jesus did with the 12. Mentoring is what Jesus did with the 3. See the difference. The real, tangible and lasting action was with the twelve and three.

So, we can help in whatever level that you need or desire. We are a resource ministry for both church and community. We minister to you for the benefit of others. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us. We’re here because you’re here.

What Church Leaders Say About Nationstrategy
“NATIONStrategy is right on the cutting edge of the awesome work of God through the mushrooming New Apostolic Reformation movement today. I greatly admire the creative and anointed leadership that Ed Delph is providing for the Body of Christ in many parts of the world.”
Dr. C. Peter Wagner
Wagner Leadership Institute
Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Since I first met Ed Delph at a conference several years ago, I have come to love him and to appreciate his expansive vision for the Lord’s work all around the world. His ministry and Church @ Community book points beyond the ‘clergyfication’ of Christianity toward the kind of congregational and community renewal the Holy Spirit is leading the church to embrace today. There is high octane fuel here, so use wisely. But use!
Timothy George
Dean, Beason Divinity School, Samford University
Executive Director, Christianity Today

“Ed and those who work beside him have opened doors to me, making connections that build the global church.”
John Dawson
President, Youth with a Mission (YWAM)

“The networking of key leaders is essential to the reaching of nations. Ed Delph has been raised up and anointed by God to set such a network in place.”
Rev. Ed Silvoso
Director – Harvest Evangelism
San Jose, California

“Ed Delph has been a key member of the Council of Ecclesiology during our meetings since 1998. Our purpose is to build bridges with the diverse tribes of Evangelical Christianity in the United States. We have been able to identify the key issues which have been misunderstood or have caused unnecessary division. All of us share the belief that by openly discussing these issues, we can sharpen one another and present a more powerful witness. We want unchurched persons to see the various tribes as a force, rather than a farce.
Ed is uniquely gifted and called as a networker for NATIONStrategy and the New Apostolic Reformation. He has helped explain and validate the NAR to other strategic branches of Christianity, such as Willow Creek Association and the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Peter Wagner selected him for this unique assignment, and all of us have been challenged by Ed, and ministered to most effectively. He is a valued partner in this critical cause of clarity and unity.”
Dan Reeves
Council of Ecclesiology

“The first time I sat down to talk with Ed my heart resonated with his view of the purpose of the church. Ed’s passion is for the church to have a heart for the community. Our family at Pure Heart has been inspired to look beyond our own lives into the lives of others. Ed has the God given ability to not only motivate the heart but to help churches develop a practical, clear strategy to impact their community. I am blessed to have Ed Delph call Pure Heart his church home.”
Dan Steffen, Senior Pastor
Pure Heart Christian Fellowship
Glendale, Arizona

“God is doing great and wonderful things in the Church today. NATIONStrategy is a vision of bringing spiritual fathers and apostles together, as the synergism of “Networking” makes each part greater and it makes the whole greater as, ‘every joint supplies’. Ed is hearing what other seasoned leaders are hearing God say: Where are the fathers? Where are the mentors?”
Dr. Emanuele Cannistraci,
Founding Pastor, GateWay City Church
San Jose, California

“It is an honor and privilege to endorse my dear friend and brother in Christ, Ed Delph. He is one of those rare leadership treasures in God’s Kingdom with an apostolic gift that brings tremendous clarity to leaders at all levels – as a businessman, pastor, theologian, and strategist. Ed presents a much needed message – conveying God’s heart to know and see the Body of Christ become and live as a Gospel-centric, redemptive-driven, “Center-set” community. If we live out the practical message that he passionately conveys, then we will see maximum Kingdom impact – both on a local and national scale – in today’s spiritually starving culture. What a privilege it is for me and many others to be a friend and co-laborer with Ed Delph as we see God’s hand work in and through him for His Glory! Many blessings to you, dear brother!”
Terry Carpenter
Executive Director of Pinnacle Forum for Arizona
Scottsdale, Arizona

“Ed has been a source of encouragement to Helping Hands for Single Moms. He has provided us with media exposure and also the opportunity to present our work at his church. As a result of that presentation, a church member assisted our organization in upgrading our Power Point presentations. We endorse the ministry of Nationstrategy and thank God that we are blessed to have Ed Delph working to engage the churches in Phoenix as vessels of God’s power and life to the community.”
Chris Coffman, Executive Director
Helping Hands for Single Moms
Phoenix, Arizona

“Christianity and democracy are under attack! As a crime and violence prevention consultant, I praise God for Ed Delph’s inspiration and insights as he helps communities work together to bring Christian values to people in need. We need leaders like Dr. Ed Delph with the courage to stand up and speak up for freedom and honesty that Christianity can bring to people around the world.”
Stephanie Mann, Crime & Violence Prevention Consultant
San Francisco, California

“I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Ed Delph in 2007 while he gave a presentation on his book, Church@Community. I was deeply moved by his vision for the community and contacted him in hopes of learning more and implementing these principles in the community I work in. Dr. Delph graciously met with me and we discussed many ideas, strategies, and programs for building communities. The strategies we discussed were implemented and we are seeing a significant change within our own community.”
Tim Hampton, Commander
Phoenix Police Department
Phoenix, Arizona

“Nationstrategy has effectively taken religion out of the hallowed and intimidating halls of its traditional sanctuaries and placed God in the hands, hearts and minds of people searching for direction, purpose and meaning in their lives. The movement has laid a firm foundation of faith that actually is applicable and thus fits and flourishes in the everyday lives and lifestyles of literally every human being, regardless of gender, race or religious preference. Nationstrategy community concepts reach, touch and comfort those in need and provides strength, structure and confidence to those committed to the development, health and wellness of their community. It puts God plainly, peacefully and purposefully in the everyday lives of regular people and transcends the perceptions, challenges and objections of the traditional church environment.”
William E. Toops, Publisher
Glendale Star and Peoria Times
Glendale, Arizona

“Ed Delph’s stance that God has gotten a bad rap in the media prompted him to action. Fighting fire with fire, he uses that very same media to turn the tables. His newspaper columns shout out the news: contrary to what you may have heard, God is alive and well and living among us. Ed’s contemporary method of setting the record straight beckons us to see God’s power as He moves in our everyday lives.”
Cathy Carlat
City of Peoria, Arizona

Guides By Your Side in Strategic Community Uplift and Transformation


Ed Delph

President of Nationstrategy

Ed’s passion is serving both church and community leaders as a ‘Guide by their Side’ in uplifting underachieving communities, churches and businesses. As a both a businessman and a pastor, Ed is able to relate to both marketplace and church issues. Ed is a source as well as a resource in community transformation. Learn more

You can contact Ed at


Mark Miller

Board Member of Nationstrategy and Kingdom Business Coach

Mark is a kingdom business coach. He works with business leaders to expand God’s Kingdom through their businesses. He does this through a ministry called Truth at Work and executive coaching/mentoring. Learn more

You can contact Mark at 

Pastor Mel Llanes

Mel Llanes

Director of Nationstrategy Philippines

Mel’s passion is helping pastors grow a church for their community. He is an inspirational speaker and coach. He believes and lives national and community transformation. Mel is a ‘Guide by Your Side’ in community transformation and uplifting communities as well as helping pastors build a church for their community.  Learn more

You can contact Mel at

David Lake

Vice-President and a Board Member of Nationstrategy

David is an ordained pastor, a business owner as well as a Marketplace Minister. He is passionate about running his life, his business, and his ministry by hearing the voice of God. Learn more

You can contact David at


About Ed Delph

edDr. Ed Delph has been a pastor at three different churches since 1980 in the Phoenix, Arizona area. He is a noted author of nine books, weekly columnist in several newspapers worldwide, teacher, business owner and speaker having presented or been in more than one hundred countries. He is currently president of a worldwide ministry, NATIONStrategy.

Ed earned his business degree from Arizona State University. He started a business, Central Bindery in 1974, which is still the largest book bindery in Arizona. He earned his Doctorate of Ministry in Faith in Culture from the Phoenix University of Theology in 2004.

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