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A Christmas Story: Recognizing People by Their Destiny, not Their History

As we go into this Christmas season, let’s take a look at the way Jesus looked at people. It was unexpected and ‘over the top.’ Talk about a Christmas present. Jesus gave people the gift of starting all over again. Jesus didn’t look at people by their history. Jesus looked at people by their destiny. In a real sense, Jesus recognized people by their calling, not the mistakes or missteps made on the way to their calling. Jesus usually turned their mistakes made into a ministry about their mistakes made for others. That’s called redemption.

Author Mike Murdock points out this concept in the life of Jesus.

“Jesus was born with a terrible stigma. His mother, Mary, was pregnant with Him before she ever married Joseph, her betrothed. The Bible says that they had not had a sexual relationship, but, ‘that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.”

(Matthew 1:20). Jesus never looked back. He never discussed the situation with anyone. There is not a single scripture in the entire Bible where He ever brought up His background or His limitations.”

Jesus never took his past into his future.

Jesus didn’t allow people’s thoughts about His history to short circuit His destiny. We all could learn a lesson from that. God’s not mad at you. God’s mad about you. That’s unexpected and liberating. That allows us to go forward into our future. Though no one can go back and make a brand new beginning, everyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

It’s no accident Jesus came as a baby.

God re-birthed a brand new destiny for an old religion with a rough history. Jesus was the Alpha of a New Testament and destiny for His people. Jesus was also the Omega to the Old Testament and the law way of ‘you didn’t perform well so you are disqualified’ way to doing things. Jesus took care of the sin issue of people’s past so they didn’t have to bring that into their future destiny.

There was no one too ‘bad’ for Jesus.

Take the women at the well with her history of broken relationships, a horrible reputation and the shame that goes along with that and let Jesus meet her. What concerned Jesus about her was her destiny, not her history.

Jesus wouldn’t let her hide behind her past. He opened the door of her mind to unlimited future possibilities as a new team member of Jesus’ movement. She ended up running her race looking forward and upward rather than limping along looking backward and downward.

There was also no one too good for Jesus.

Sometimes people take their piousness in their future. The rich young ruler kept all the commandments of the Old Testament. Jesus didn’t recognize the ‘goodness’ of his history either. Jesus responded to him by noting the rich, young rulers God given destiny was to sell all he had and entrepreneur a ministry to the poor. The ruler wouldn’t give up his good history which impeded his destiny.

When Jesus wanted to change the identity of two of his greatest leaders from their history to their destiny, He changed their names. Simon Bar Jonah was his past history. Peter was his future destiny. Saul was his past history. Paul was his future destiny.

Have you ever seen a runner who ran a race backwards and won? Many people are fixated on past events, past failures, past disappointments or even great accomplishments they have done.

Here’s my advice.

Close those chapters in your life that should have been closed a long time ago. Close those disabling chapters by forgiving yourself or others if necessary. Some people need to forgive God for their past or present circumstances. Playing victim is no fun and very costly in terms of your God given destiny.  Get in the race and, for goodness sake, gaze forward.

And, just like Jesus, never mention or be limited by your past again. Merry Christmas!

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