If You Think the ‘American Dream’ is Great, Wait till You See God’s Dream!

I thought you might enjoy this today. It’s my testimony of what God can do and did do in my career. It’s about how God dream for me became my dream for myself.

In 1974, just like God led Joseph and Mary out of from the city on Nazareth to Bethlehem, God started repositioning me into my purpose and destiny. At that time, I was working as Office Manager for Grimshaw Mortuaries. Three years earlier I received my undergraduate Business degree from Arizona State University in Personnel Management. Grimshaw Mortuaries was a great introduction to business. The company had four mortuaries and one cemetery. There was close to eighty employees. I was the Secretary of the Corporation. I was twenty-four years old.

Earlier in March 1974, I had received Christ as my Lord and Savior. It was quite a conversion. Right away I could sense that something was very, very different. And right away, I knew I was supposed to leave Grimshaw and start a new business. A print shop owner I met from my church mentioned a small book bindery he knew was for sale. The owners were quite elderly. It was obvious they were ready to retire. The business had dwindled down to a few accounts.

Mind you, I knew nothing about the book binding or printing industry. My vast experience in the industry was I had printed funeral folders at the mortuary. I looked at another business. But there was something about that bindery. I was a new Christian but I knew that I knew, this is the business for me. I wasn’t aware of it but I had received faith from God for the purchase of that business. It wasn’t presumption or a wish dream, it was a faith infused utterance from God providing illumination and direction. God spoke to me presently and specifically for such a time as this.

From that point on, it was done in heaven. It just needed to be done on earth. We went into negotiations. And with helpful eye of my father’s wisdom and business sense, we bought the business. That was the start of what is now Central Bindery in Phoenix, Arizona.

Please understand the impossibility of this. I was twenty-four years old. I had never been a business owner before. I had little to no knowledge of the book binding industry. The one employee that I hired as supervisor was a printing machine operator. The business was dying. The machinery was old. My main competitor was large, territorial and intimidating. But, I had one thing that trumped them all. I had God on my side. More accurately, I was on God’s side. I didn’t deserve it. I didn’t earn it. God gave me the opportunity to be part of what He was doing in my life and many other people’s lives also.

The first few years were ‘interesting.’ What a learning curve! We built the airplane while it was flying. There were some spins and stalls. God had to carry us at times. I was under construction. The business was under construction. There was a whole lot of shaking going on. But after three years, everything started to come together. We became efficient and proficient. We expanded and bought new quality equipment. We formed a team of people who were the greatest bunch of people I have ever been around in the business world.

Let’s move the clock forward. At this time, I was twenty-nine years old. Central Bindery is now the largest book bindery in Arizona. Central Bindery has forty plus employees. The business is running as smooth as a service business can run. Central Bindery is still going today and even a larger business that when I had it. My brother now owns it and has for many years. Not only did Central Bindery change my life, it changed my brother’s life also. All I can say is, “Look what the Lord has done.”

What happened to me next is quite a story. I sold the business and became a Singles pastor. But that is another story for another day. What was the key to this? God was gently leading, still proceeding me to His dream, weaving me into His tapestry. And, that’s a nice place to be.

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    David McDermott says

    What an encouraging testimony! Opportunities are everywhere because God’s Kingdom is progressing everywhere. He weaves us into His tapestry in every City and Country. Asia is not the future. The future is where God has you!. Keep going!

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