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Testimony About “Let There Be Light” Message in South Africa

Pastor David Long, Ed Delph, and Pastor Clive de Kock from Friend of God Church in Cape Town, South Africa.

Here is a testimony from two great NationStrategy friends from Friend of God church in Cape Town, South Africa. Ed Delph spoke a message at the Go Global Conference called…Let There Be Light. The message lasted twenty minutes but it was the talk of the conference.  

“What a life-altering 20 minutes!
Surely the most dynamic twenty minutes of my entire 50 years on earth. 

I wished you could continue. Because every word, every phrase, and every sentence you spoke was loaded with the enlightenment and understanding of the process God was taking my wife and I through since we last heard you minister at the AFM Conference in 2007. On 18th September 2007 I was ordained by Dr Isak Burger. The evening you ministered on the corporate anointing. You mixed the anointing oil, and Benita and I had the privilege of being anointed that night for ministry. 

The nine years which followed was years of formation and preparation for the ONE assignment God is preparing us for. To speak light into the darkness. I wish to refer to a conversation I had with several pastors, just hours before I heard your message. I said that somewhere in the world, there is a people, community or nation, whose hearts God is preparing (as he is preparing our hearts) to receive the word that He has formed in us. That word will bring light into their dark world. 

I am asking God to tune my ears to hear His voice, His instructions and directives. I desperately need clarity of hearing in order to understand His Nation Strategies within my sphere of influence.

I have committed to be a doer of whatsoever He says unto me. 

Doctor Ed, We dearly value and celebrate the gift you are to the body of Christ. We are so privileged to be connected to you.” 

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