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Aha for Today and Forever: Five things that are constant in life

Five things that are constant in life:

  1. Life’s Unfair.
  2. People Will Hurt You.
  3. Yesterday is Gone.
  4. You are not in control.
  5. You will die Someday.

 Let me adjust this a bit for Christians.

  1. Life’s Unfair BUT God is fair. 
  2. People Will Hurt You BUT God will Heal You, not Hurt You. 
  3. Yesterday is Gone BUT God says Today is here and Tomorrow is Coming
  4. You are Not in Control BUT God is in Control, not the weirdos who think they run the world and your world. 
  5. You will die someday BUT God says You Will Live Eternally Someday.
Listen…you gotta be more committed to being free of life stuff than placing blame, being negative, not taking ownership and living like a limping loser. You were Born to Win but can choose to be Conditioned to Lose if you like.

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