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Welcoming Others into the “High Class”

Some great people make other people feel small, but really great people make most everyone feel great. The truth is most ‘greats’ didn’t start that way. Many started small but ended tall. Charles Adair says: “You get better results if you have high expectations. This is true in science, math, reading, football or band.”

Jesus treated his disciples that way. 

He prepared small people for a big life. He didn’t let them stay small. He saw them as big. “One day you will judge nations.” He unleashed their capacity by increasing their competency.

Speaker/author Mamie McCullough tells this story. Several years ago as she started the school year, second-grade teacher Frances Hurst of Rayville Parish, Rayville, Louisiana, was told that she had the “middle” class of students. At that time, all the students were grouped as either “low,” “middle” or “high.” This grouping or grading bothered Ms. Hurst quite a bit because she had never taught “ability grouping” before.

On her first day of class, the students told her they were in the “middle group.” At that point. Ms. Hurst went into action. She closed the door and placed paper over the glass in the windows. Then she told the students there had been a mistake. They were actually the “high” group.

She then treated them as if they were in the “high” group. Her expectations for them were high so their own expectations and confidence grew. At the end of the school year, the SRA test (which is given to measure the achievement for each group) revealed her group had tested one year ahead of the “high” group. Since the test was a class average, this meant that some of the students were testing much higher than the “high” group. Of course, some tested lower too.

Here’s the takeaway from this.

 While it’s true that treating everyone like they were in the “high” class doesn’t work for everybody, it works for a lot of bodies. It works for a great majority of people. There are always exceptions. However, most people soar when envisioned, encouraged, and taught to soar. Great countries, civilizations and societies were built this way. Great countries, civilizations and societies died by abandoning this idea.

Mark Twain once said, “The two greatest days in your life are the day that you were born, and the day you found out why.” 

 That teacher from Rayville Parish brought out the best, not the worst, in those children. There was gold in that classroom but it had to be uncovered, discovered and recovered. Sounds to me like she was just the person to do that. Because she cared, she dared. Because she dared, the children fared well. They said fare well to welfare.

How about you and me? 

Right now as I’m writing this article, I’m sitting at the breakfast table, typing away, looking at our three granddaughters and one grandson. Do you realize grandparents, that you can be a part of your grandchildren’s lives right now? Grandparents have a God given passport right into their grandchildren’s lives.Take it, it’s yours. Influence for the better when and where you can. Build a legacy of “high” now in word and deed in your children’s children.

How about seeing the world through grace healed eyes? Don’t be a fault finder. Be a good finder. See the potential in people and circumstances. Who knows? You, doing your part, might just be the tipping point in someone else to do their part. Doing your part, helps others, to do their part. That worked for Jesus with eleven out of twelve disciples.

As baseball coach Casey Stengel said, “They say it can’t be done, but sometimes that doesn’t always work.”

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