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Grow Your Church by Growing Your Community

It’s our belief that in order for there to be real, tangible and lasting community transformation, we must have Christians engaged in each of these community mind molders. The pre-requisite to community transformation is community incarnation by those in the church. If they can’t see us, they won’t be us! As need and others orientated churched people bring the wisdom of God and Judeo-Christian core values into these spheres of influence, the whole community benefits. We, as churched people, are blessed to be a blessing….to all the families of the earth. We don’t just market, we manifest!

Unfortunately, many in the church want the community to come to the church without the church coming to the community. Jesus knew that the natural man does not understand the things of the Spirit. Why would we expect them to? Jesus knew that men need a man that they can see, touch, hear, feel and experience. So, the Son of God became the Son of man. The Word became flesh and pitched His tent in earth’s neighborhood. Jesus had first contact. He made the first move. He knew there would be no community transformation without a heavenly incarnation. The way to have the community @ church is to have the church@ community….first!

And, that is the ministry of Nationstrategy and Ed Delph. We are a resource to the church and community leaders with the assignment of helping church’s incarnate in the community. While we are great at vision casting, we really shine in the implementation and execution stages of community transformation. Many church leaders want to engage the community but don’t know how. Our calling is envisioning and equipping church people to get “out of the seat and into the street” contributing God’s divine wisdom in government, business, arts, sports, social services, media and education. We are people who empower people to transform communities.

Do you want your church to grow? We can help you grow your church by growing your community! We like to say, “Seek first the communities of God and all these churches will be added unto you.” It creates a win-win for the church and the community. We believe that a church, operating from a thoroughly biblical worldview and reaching out within its community and nation with a comprehensive, holistic ministry, will also be a growing, thriving and culturally relevant church. God wants more than belief and worship, He wants faith and love. Be fruitful and multiply, don’t just bask in paradise. Community opportunity is spiritual opportunity.


Bring the lessons of Church @ Community to you!

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