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Something Great Happened Because of You!

Luciano De Crescenzo once said, “We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.”

This week I wrote a letter to the people and organizations who give to Nationstrategy, a non-profit charitable organization of which I am President. It was a thank you and report letter about what their contributions produced in 2015. I had an ‘Aha’ moment when writing the letter. Donors meeting the needs of people are the real heroes, not me.

Here is what I wrote to our donors, the other wing of what charitable organizations do.

“You are the heroes; you are the champions; you are the super men and women who have sent us. You arrived just in time to save somebody else’s day. Your supply was what they needed. Look what happened because of your supply!

Because of you, Dr. Ed Delph, Pastor Dave Lake, the owner of Lakeside Pools here in Arizona, Pastor Joshua Churchyard of Benoni, South Africa and Pastor Mel Llanes, Director of Nationstrategy Philippines, have spoken to community leaders, church pastors and leaders, and church members over 350 times in formal sessions. We’ve moved from one primary speaker to four team speakers. We’ve strengthened Christians and leaders wherever we have presented.

Because of you, we ministered in Singapore three times; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia two times; Perth, Australia two times; both islands of New Zealand; four cities in South Africa; Manila and Cavite, Philippines; and six states in America. Because of you, we visited and opened three new potential countries for engagement in the future: Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. In 2016, we will be focusing more on the United States. We are very concerned about what we see happening in America.

Because of you, Ed Delph was the plenary speaker at the Love Singapore Annual Gathering in Melaka, Malaysia, where we mentored 580 pastors and leaders from Singapore on Loving Singapore in real and tangible ways resulting in favor with God and man. Because of you, Ed Delph spoke at all four services of Faith Community Baptist Church, in Singapore, one of the largest churches in Singapore. Over eighty gave their lives to Christ.

Because of you, Ed Delph had the time, energy and opportunity to write 52 weekly articles published in several newspapers all over the world. (Glendale Star, Peoria Times and West Valley Buckeye newspaper right here in the Phoenix area). We connect our community to God through these articles. We have reduced the influence of secular humanism by giving our community a more accurate picture of God, church and Christians than most mainline media.

Because of you, thousands of people all over the world were brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. How? We empowered churches to reach out to their communities in real and tangible ways. These churches have shifted from being inward and upward to being inward, upward and outward…serving God, serving each other and serving their communities. Testimonies come in every month from leaders and churches as they reach out to their community in new and creative ways.

Because of you, we have envisioned and empowered community and church leaders for societal transformation. We have partnered with medical doctors from Perth, engaged mayors, and befriended the best young artists in Hong Kong. We’ve spoken to hundreds if not thousands of marketplace leaders…both churched and unchurched. Because of you, we’ve spoken at five bible schools/seminaries all over the world, initiated plans for a huge youth meeting that will be seen all over Asia through CBNAsia and influenced one of the most powerful political families in the Philippines.

Because of you, we have influenced leaders who influence nations. This year in Macedonia, we were presented honorary chopsticks from the government of China by the Chinese Minister of Commerce to all Balkan nations. Because of you, we’ve redefined God in the eyes of the unchurched as churches ‘get out of the seat and into the street’ serving their community.

Because of you, we have envisioned and empowered, hundreds if not thousands, in the church to be “ministers” and chaplains in their place of work or influence. Because of you, we do more than teach on uplifting communities, we coach and mentor leaders, giving them personal time and attention, forming a close relationship and walking with them on their journey. Mentoring and coaching is more strategic than just teaching. We start by ministering to leaders but end in ministering through the leaders.”

This article is dedicated to the unseen, unsung ‘Because of you’ donor heroes to so many who will never meet you. Thanks for being a hero, a supplier, a superman or superwoman who saved the day, who found a need and met it.

church-community-connection-02Church-Community Connection is published weekly in 10 newspapers all over the world. Most of these newspapers are local paid subscription newspapers. The goal of these 450 word articles is to build a bridge to the community through humor, wisdom and changing mental perceptions that the community has of the church.

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