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When the Way We Are Turns into the Way We Were

I’d like to share an inspirational story that I heard at the Christian Booksellers Convention in Denver years ago. Author and writer Max Lucado used this true story in his speech.

There was a young man who was in a very severe accident. As a result of the accident, the man was going to be blind for the rest of his life. For months, he lay in his room in despair. He lost his motivation for life.

His father, seeing that something had to be done to get his son going, decided to do something drastic. Having heard that a big storm was coming, the father had to go to town for supplies. He announced to his son the following. “I need you to go into the garage, get the storm doors for the windows and mount them on the outside of the house to protect the windows. I will not be here and I expect that this will be done when I get home. You will have to postpone your pity party for a while to do this.”

The young man was beside himself. He could not see anything and he was being ordered to do the impossible. He finally thought to himself…”OK, I’ll do it so that when I die doing this, they will be sorry they ever did this to me!” That’s strange reasoning but I think we can relate. It’s the old, ‘I will teach them but hurting myself’ strategy.

So the man got up, went slowly down the hallway, out through the door to the garage and into the area where the storm doors were stored. He felt his way to the ladder and got the tools necessary to do the job. He went outside and very slowly and methodically mounted each of the storm windows. To his surprise, he finished the job. Expecting to die, he had lived and even succeeded. After that incident, the man started living his life again. The blind man told many people that this one event had shown him that he could succeed.

And now, the rest of the story. The father never left to go to the store that day. He stayed right at the house, never more than four feet away from the boy. He was everywhere the boy went just in case. He was the invisible witness of everything the boy did that day. The Father’s love would not let him leave the boy alone. Incidentally, he never told the boy he was there.

Our Heavenly Father will never leave us. Our Heavenly Father is there, all the time and especially in the tough times. He will not let us be abandoned or forsaken. While He will not make our choices for us, He will be with us in the midst of our good or bad choices. He makes lemonade out of lemons and omelets out of broken eggs. All we have to do is to get going. While we may not see Him, He is there!

I’m inspired by the two people in this story who made a courageous decision that day. It changed both of their lives. And I’m even more glad there’s a Father who is with us always…even in our blinding times. When you can’t see God’s hand, trust in His character. God’s better than we think so let’s change the way we think.

There’s a lesson for you and I in this story. We don’t see things the way they are. We see things the way we are…either positively or negatively.

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