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When at the End of Your Rope, You Will Discover God Lives There!

Have you ever felt like you were under siege? Can you relate to the old story of the man who was stopping the leak in the dam by plugging his finger into the leak? However, when he stopped one leak, so many other leaks started that he ran out of fingers.

You pay a big car repair bill and then the air conditioning unit breaks down. You get out of a bad relationship and the next relationship is even worse. You lose one customer and then two more customers leave. You lose your best employee and then five others quit because they liked the one employee who left so it must be your fault.

I think that we all can relate to this. It feels like you are under siege. Siege is a military term. Webster’s defines siege this way: a military blockade of a city or fortified place to compel it to surrender; a persistent or serious attack (as of illness). Synonyms of siege are bout, fit, seizure, spell, spasm, convulsion, beleaguerment, containment, collapse, encirclement, confinement, isolation, seclusion, incarceration and internment.

Sieges happen! Most sieges are for a season. Seeing the big picture in a siege can really help you. You’ll probably find the siege turns into a blessing afterwards.

This reminds me of an Old Testament story in the Bible in 2 Kings Chapters 6-7. The King of Syria had laid siege against King of Israel in the city of Samaria. They surrounded the city and cut off all supplies. The siege was so bad that cannibalism was happening. Of course, the king of Israel blamed the whole thing on Elisha, God’s prophet in the area. Where is God? How come God is not protecting us?

There were four leprous men by the gate of the city who said, “Why do we sit here until we die?” They knew they were either going to die doing nothing so they figured they might as well go outside the city and see if they would be spared by the Syrians.

When they arrived at the Syrians camp, there was no one there. The Lord caused the “sound of horses and a great army” to come in the middle of the night to the camp of the Syrians. They fled for their lives. They left everything in their camp and fled. The four leprous men found their camp well stocked with food, water and horses. They celebrated and ate. Then they thought about something. This was a day of celebration that should be shared by the whole city.

They went back to the city and told the gatekeepers the story. After a while, the gatekeepers investigated the lepers report and it was true. In twenty-four hours, the whole climate of the city had changed. People were fed. Grocery prices were back to normal. The ones who caused the siege had disappeared. They even left their assets restore that which had been lost. Why? All because of four lepers who said, “Why do we sit here until we die?” What’s the lesson they learned? Until the pain exceeds the fear there will be no change.

My take on this for us today is let’s not get frozen or paralyzed by a siege. Move from anabolic to catabolic. If you don’t like the direction your life is taking, change it. Get unfrozen. Shake it off and step up. Things may not be as they appear. Four lepers changed a whole city by discovering that God was not frozen. Do this and your odds of moving from Clark Can’t to Superman increase exponentially.

Why do we sit here until we die? Don’t give up in a siege. Look up in a siege. Where does God live? At the end of your rope! Let’s face it. You probably wouldn’t have found God any other way.

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